Welcome to my website

What is there to know about me? For starters, my name is Danielle Fogel (but I prefer going by Dani). For the past four years, I have spent my time studying Communication and Professional Writing while also occasionally obsessing over my tan (but mostly studying). I got my start in an urban jungle where white picket fences are as readily available as skyscrapers. Can you take a guess? Hint: Go Lakers! So now that the fantasy that is college is over, I'll be moving back to Los Angeles to pursue a career. Ever since I was a much tinier version of myself, I have always loved writing. I never fancied myself as much of an athlete, so any other extracurricular I could get my hands on, newspaper, yearbook, debate team, seemed much more enthralling. While the other students were completing their mile test, I was the one devising a doctor's note to get me out of it. Since those days, I have found that my favorite outlet is through social media, where I can put my writing to good use and stalk celebrities at the same time. If nothing else, college has at least taught me how to multitask. I hope to never stop growing and improving as a writer, and this website is a culmination of everything I love and take pride in which I hope I can add to for years to come.

If you would like to find out about my fedora collection or further pick my brain, please contact me at daniellefogel11@gmail.com

For more information, browse my resume or social media sites.